Who is this guy?


My name's Paul S. Randal and I am a self-confessed electronics-aholic :-) In my real life I own a SQL Server consulting firm with my wife (you can read my professional bio on our website here) and I blog profusely about SQL Server stuff over on my other blog. I started this separate blog because I'm going to be blogging profusely about my adventures in electronics and I don't want to pollute my professional blog with it.

My original degree (graduated '94) years ago was a joint-major in computer science and electronics from the University of Edinburgh, but after that I kind of stopped tinkering with the electronics side. Now (January 2010) I've started a major revival and this is my new top hobby for the year. I'm most interested in Arduino, robotics, displays, building kits, and other stuff you can see moving/changing/lighting-up - so expect lots of source code, schematics, photos, and videos as I go along.

You can read about how my Dad got me into electronics when I was ten in this blog post, and the rest is history!

Why is the site called Paul's Electronics? That was the writing on the labels of the electronics kit my Dad made me when I was ten - this is kind of in honor of that and him.

Although the image is of the Golden Gate Bridge, I'm in Redmond, WA (where I used to work for Microsoft, writing SQL Server).

Let me know if you find stuff interesting - comments, emails, etc are all very welcome.