The Depth of the MCM Videos

I got a great question via email today.  Paraphrased: "The two MCMs I know, know SQL Server to a depth much deeper than the videos suggest you need to know.  What's the real depth that you need to know to pass the MCM?" I'll illustrate it with my SQLOS video.  Back when the Microsoft Certified […]

DBAs, Here’s Your Task for the Holidays

The holidays can be a slow time in IT. Users aren't asking for as many things and projects are going a little slower.  Now is your time to strike.  Open your email client right now, start an email to your SAN admin, and copy/paste the below in. Hey – it's not often that I actually […]

Stop Tuning Your Queries.

Most of my performance tuning is done in small groups – a developer is frustrated because his query isn't fast enough, so the developer and the DBA get together to show me the code in question. If they hand me a stored procedure with a SELECT statement to tune, the first thing I do is […]