SQL Server 2008 public class – database infrastructure and scalability





Over the last six months on the blog, you’ll have seen me mention internal training that Kimberly and I wrote for Microsoft on SQL Server 2008. This deep training covers all the features around database infrastructure and scalability and we’ve just finished revamping it for RTM. We did a one-day version of this content at TechEd in June, and last week for the Microsoft Ireland “SQL Academy” training program, but we’ve never presented the course to the public – until now!

We’re teaching the entire demo-laden 2.5 day course at the Connections event in San Fransisco next month, including the hands-on labs. Click the image for full details and registration.

Here’s the abstract:

SQL Server 2008 offers an impressive array of capabilities for professional developers that build upon key innovations introduced in SQL Server 2005. The use of many of these will have manageability and infrastructure implications for a database – and hence the DBA! There are also enhancements to existing high-availability technologies, plus a variety of significant new tools to aid in managing performance, scalability, administration, and troubleshooting. This workshop helps you understand how to exploit the new toolset and how to manage a database that makes use of the new features in SQL Server 2008. The multi-day format of this event allows us to explore each feature in more detail, with more in-depth demonstrations and labs.

Topics covered include:

  • Availability Enhancements

    • Database Mirroring
    • Backup Compression
    • Peer-to-Peer Replication

  • Security Enhancements

    • Transparent Data Encryption
    • Extensible Key Management
    • All Actions Audited

  • Policy-Based Management and Multi-Server Administration
  • Troubleshooting and Resource Management

    • Resource Governor
    • Extended Events

  • New Development Technologies

    • Spatial Indexes
    • Sparse Columns
    • Filtered Indexes and Statistics
    • Change Tracking and Change Data Capture

  • Performance Data Collection
  • Scalability Enhancements

    • Data Compression
    • Partition-Level Lock Escalation

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Database administrators
  • IT Pros who also manage databases
  • Application developers who would like to know how feature choice affects database scalability and infrastructure requirements

What are the benefits of attending this workshop?

  • Learn all the essential elements of SQL Server 2008 administration in an interactive, instructor-led format
  • Learn about the new features of SQL Server 2008 that developers will use that have management implications
  • Deep and intensive 200-300-level technical training custom-designed for professional DBAs and IT-Pros
  • Courseware developed by Paul S. Randal and Kimberly L. Tripp of http://www.sqlskills.com/, pre-eminent experts in SQL Server administration
  • Get hands-on experience with SQL Server 2008 administration

This workshop runs Oct 6 (9am – 4pm), Oct 7 (9am – 4pm), Oct 8 (9am – 12pm).

Dev Connections newsletter

At the last Connections conference in April, the conference organizers tapped a bunch of speakers for interviews, articles, and other content to put into a free “newsletter” called MyDevConnections, and now it’s finally available. It covers all the Connections conferences, so isn’t just limited to SQL Server. As far as SQL is concerned, Kimberly and I wrote an article about our favorite SQL Server 2008 features (data compression and filtered indexes, respectively), and Ross Mistry wrote an article on hardening a SQL Server 2005 installation. There’s also an extract from a Women in Technology interview that Kimberly took part in. Overall there’s 84 pages of content in the PDF, with some adverts for the Connections shows (obviously).

Check it out at http://www.devconnections.com/mydevconnections/S08_DevOnlineMag_Web.pdf

RunAs Radio interview on FILESTREAM

This is the second of the two sessions I recently recorded with Richard and Greg on RunAs Radio (the first one on being an “involuntary DBA” is here). I’ve just finished the final edited version of a whitepaper for Microsoft on the FILESTREAM feature of SQL Server 2008 and this session goes into details of why you’d want to use it and how to setup a system for optimal FILESTREAM performance. The whitepaper should be available before PASS in November, in the meantime, checkout the show!

The show is 35 minutes long and you can download it at http://www.runasradio.com/default.aspx?showNum=74.