How to find me on Twitter

People are saying they can't find me – that's a Twitter issue with indexing. Here's the direct link: and Kimberly's at

Ok, I caved – I’m on Twitter

After being mercilessly pressurized by many people (and I blame Jason Massie the most), I've joined Twitter and I'll be commenting lots on it. Why did I finally cave? Well, I've been seeing lots of little things in forums and newsgroups that don't merit a full blog post but are worth letting people know about. So – feel free to follow along. My username is 'PaulRandal' – original, huh? I'm sure I'll get just as sucked into Twitter as I have to FaceBook – luckily I can type fast :-)


PS You might not find me in Twitter search until I've posted a few times – try

Weekly survey: what kind of backups do you take?

In this week's survey I'm interested in what kind of backups you take, and also what recovery model you mostly use. If you have multiple database with different strategies, by all means respond multiple times. The more responses the better! I'll report on the survey results some time over the weekend of 5/2/2009.

A couple of notes on the survey:

  • If you're using BULK_LOGGED at all, just answer as FULL.
  • When I say full backup, I mean either full database, full filegroup, or full file backup. Same for differential.
  • I don't care whether you use a tool outside SQL Server to take your SQL backups (e.g. LiteSpeed) – it's the type of backup that's interesting.


PS No comments on this post please (I'll delete them straight away) – please wait for the survey results post to avoid skewing the answers.