In a month's time SQL Server 2012 will launch and one of the main events will be the annual SQL Server Connections – this year in Las Vegas, March 26-29. See here for registration details.

We've put together another great show (Kimberly and I are the conference co-chairs) and Kimberly, Jonathan, and I will all be there.

Here's the line-up of SQLskills sessions and workshops:

  • Full-day workshops
    • 3/25: SPR202: The Foundations of a Healthy SQL Server Database (Kimberly and Paul)
    • 3/25: SPR301: Advanced Diagnostics with SQL Server 2012 Extended Events (Jonathan)
    • 3/26: SPR203: Leveraging SQL Server 2012 Features and Tools (Kimberly and Jonathan)
    • 3/30: SPS202: Optimizing Procedural Code: Understanding Plan Cache, Procedural Code and Recompilation (Kimberly)
  • Paul's sessions
    • SQL416: Wait Statistics: Avoiding 'Knee-Jerk' Performance Tuning 
    • SQL417: Advanced Recovery Techniques 
    • SQL218: Follow the Rabbit: Wrap-up Q&A
  • Kimberly's sessions
    • SQL219: Performance Tuning through Indexing 
    • SQL320: Statistics: What, Why and How the Optimizer Uses Them
    • SQL218: Follow the Rabbit: Wrap-up Q&A
  • Jonathan's sessions
    • SQL307: Deadlocking for Mere Mortals 
    • SQL208: Distributed Replay in SQL Server 2012 

We also have sessions from well-known SQL Server experts Brent Ozar, Aaron Bertrand, Allen White, Glenn Berry, Peter Myers, Steve Hughes, Grant Fritchey, Steve Jones, Brad McGehee (the last three representing SQL Server Central) and many more…

We hope to see you there!