The week before TechEd, everyone’s reminded to blog about what they’ll be up to, to draw folks to sessions. The sheer number of presentations and topics this year, including breakouts, chalktalks, BOFs is overwhelming. The show is sold out, but some of the talks are being “simulcast” as well. So I’ll be there talking about SQL Server and ADO.NET (surprise,surprise) but I thought I’d begin with the “extracurricular activities”. And no, I don’t mean the late-night parties in the evenings.

First off, SQLskills might have some exciting announcements coming that we’ve saved for the occasion. You’ll have to find out about this one as it happens…hope you can stand the suspense.

Monday night, I’m participating in a mega-meeting of the New England User Groups on the TechEd premises.

Tuesday afternoon/evening, I’m participating in DataDirect Technology’s ADO.NET get-togther hosted by Jonathan Bruce, with some of the ADO.NET team members. Followed by a DLINQ BOF with Sahil Malik. Oh, and I’m at the Addison-Wesley booth signing books at lunchtime. I may even have some books to give away at the events above…

Thursday, I’ll be up bright and early (well, early, especially with the timezone difference) to answer questions of the broadcast during Greg Low’s (Mr SQLDownUnder) simulcast session on SQLCLR for DBAs. Wonder what time it is in Brisbane then.

The chalktalks break down as follows. I’ll try and leave lots of time at the end for your questions:
Monday 10:45-12 – DDL triggers, Event Notifications, and WMI in SQL Server 2005
Tuesday 8:30-9:45 – Security Controlling the new SQL Server 2005 features for DBAs: Service Broker, XML, and SQLCLR
Thursday 9:45-11 – Plan Guides in SQL Server 2005

Whew, some of the rest of the time, I should be hanging out in the “Data” breakout area. Oh, and my breakout session is Wednesday June 14 – Everything you always wanted to know about error handling in SQL Server 2005, server and client but were afraid to ask. The official blurb is:

DAT424  SQL Server Error Handling: T-SQL, SQLCLR and Clients
Day/Time: Wednesday, June 14 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM  Room: 157 ABC
Speaker(s): Bob Beauchemin
In SQL Server 2005, both T-SQL and SQLCLR procedures can use Try-Catch constructs to intercept and process exceptional conditions. This is a big change for both server and client/middle-tier processing, as client and middle-tier received and processed all errors directly from SQL Server. In addition, both T-SQL and SQLCLR error handling don’t catch every type of error or allow the ability to directly rethrow all errors to reproduce SQL Server 2005 behavior. This session looks at the mechanism in-depth and provides a comprehensive and consistant error handling strategy that works for all procedural code and clients.

What a slacker, eh? So be sure to stop by and say hi. I’ll also try to blog some during the “activities” going on, especially the buzz surrounding Visual Studio Team System for Database Professionals (aka DataDude).

Did I remember everything…? (hope so)