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End your
SQL Server stress

SQL Server Training and Consulting

SAVE NOW on SQL Server Health Checks

Tired of barely keeping your head above water?

Your career is built on keeping your company’s servers and applications up and running. That wouldn’t be so worrisome except for one thing: the data platform industry is changing faster than you can keep up.

When something breaks and you don’t have up-to-date training, one of two things typically happens:

  • You waste time chasing ineffective solutions
  • Your “solutions” may make things worse

Server downtime and poor performance are bad for business; they’re even worse for your career!

Keeping up with SQL Server is tough

Getting the training you need is simple

We don’t just know SQL Server; we also know what it’s like to sit in your chair. Trying to stay ahead of the industry curve is overwhelming, and the pressure to perform is substantial. We created SQLskills so you can keep your knowledge current and your infrastructure moving forward.

Accidental and Junior DBAs

You’re just starting with SQL Server

Mid-level and Senior DBAs

Become a performance tuning master


You need SQL skills


Get help with large database design

Get the help you need from SQL Server experts who’ve been where you are

We’re not most consultants

We know SQL Server inside and out

Most IT departments could benefit from remote DBA services or a SQL Server Health Check, but they’re hesitant to call someone in. Why? Because most consultants are overpriced and under-experienced. 

SQL Server Consulting

It doesn’t matter whether your environment is physical, virtual, or cloud-based—we have the expertise and experience to help you.

SQL Server Health Check

A SQL Sever Health Check will spot potential issues before they become major headaches.

SQL Server Remote DBA

Reliable response and hands-on problem solving from industry experts.

Trusted for decades by the world’s most complex SQL Server environments