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Essential training for Accidental and Junior DBAs

Becoming a great DBA is hard work. You need a strong foundation to build long-term professional success.

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In tech, your professional development doesn’t follow traditional pathways and is usually self-led. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices—there are a lot of courses and it’s hard to be certain if you’re investing your time and money into the right ones.

We show you how to proactively manage SQL Server. Our immersion events are based on our real-world client experiences, and are both comprehensive and intensive so you can get started the moment you get back to the office. We crafted IE0 specially for those just starting out to give you the foundation you need to succeed as a data professional.

Courses for Accidental and Junior DBAs


Immersion Event for Accidental and Junior DBAs

IE0 is the perfect starting point for those new to SQL Server; this course helps you to understand best practices and what is necessary to “keep the lights on”.

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A solid DBA has experience across many areas of SQL Server.

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We work with Pluralsight to offer flexible, online training courses so you can get the skills you need on your schedule. Mix and match courses across all disciplines and in smaller, topic-based formats suited to your needs. These online courses are also a fantastic way to review and refresh your Immersion Event knowledge at any time.

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