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We’ve been thinking a lot about work-life balance and the continued stresses from the ongoing pandemic and we decided to help you dedicate some time to staying up-to-date! Consider taking some classes, look at upcoming FREE conferences like PASS and Ignite, but above all, make time for YOU! Make time for learning and staying healthy, both mentally and physically! In these stressful times, there’s no better investment!

For SQL Server (and many other things), it can be great to create a dedicated and regularly scheduled “block” of time for that task. And, we will help fill it with content! Whether you attend one or all of our FREE SQLskills Insider Sessions, you should still consider some regularly blocked time for YOUR learning and YOUR career.

As for SQL Server, we’re going to run different topics or a theme for a few sessions and then we’re going to follow them up with an open Q&A. These LIVE, interactive sessions are completely FREE and might vary for when they run!  

These SQLskills Insider Sessions will run for up to 75 minutes of content (sometimes they’ll be shorter), up to 15 minutes of Q&A (sometimes a few of us might stay longer) and will be a great way to remind you of things you may already know or just allow you to stay fresh.

Our only request is that you’re already a SQLskills Insider! If not, become one now and request a SQLskills sticker.

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SQLskills Insider Sessions

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SQLskills Insider Sessions

SQLskills Insider Sessions don’t run regularly. Stay tuned and join our list to get notified for each session. 

And, ideally, block some time – EVERY WEEK! Try to dedicate 2 hours a week to Improving Your SQL skills! Read blog posts, play with a feature in a test environment. If you can’t think of any resources – check out our resources page… you’ll never run out of things to spelunk!