Can’t shake the sense that something isn’t quite right?

A SQL Server Health Check will spot potential issues before they become major headaches

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SQLskills Health Checks

Verify and validate your environment.

Don't wait until something goes wrong

SQL Server Health Checks are vitally important, whether you’re a Fortune-25 company or a small startup with only a handful of employees.

We know you need peace of mind—we’ll help you get it

Our audit is engineered to be as efficient as possible to provide the best return on your investment, whether it’s a small environment or large corporate data center.


We automate the data collection process and it’s optimized to have minimal impact.

This saves you time, and allows you to schedule and handle data collection when it’s convenient for you, rather than requiring many hours of data collection through an interactive online session.

Thorough reporting

All findings are documented, and reports include advice, justification, and links to deeper explanations on remediation of each problem. We wrap up each health audit with a summary call so you can ask questions about our findings and next steps.

You then have the option of making changes on your own, or we can assist with any remediation or further investigation; we can help in whatever manner is best for you.

Scalability assessment

For large environments, we encourage you to pick representative instances to check, and then extrapolate the results to instances with common configurations, saving you money.

Flexible pricing

We only charge for the time we use (typically 12 hours or less per instance) rather than locking you into a costly, fixed-price engagement.

Tried and tested approach

Our SQL Server Health Check process has been developed and refined over the last 9 years based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of our team—all current or former Data Platform MVPs with a combined 80+ years of deep SQL Server experience. Our process is constantly evolving to be more efficient and thorough based on changes in SQL Server and trends and challenges we see with SQL Server installations.

Each consultant utilizes an internally-developed checklist of 100+ items to ensure consistency and accuracy across our team, and we routinely review our methodologies to ensure the team is current with new checks and findings for each release of SQL Server.

How it works


You run the data collection package


We analyze the data


Together, we discuss the findings and recommendations

We identify problems before they happen and you get the best return on your investment

Many of our long-term clients started with a single-instance Health Check, and continued to engage with us over time. We love seeing their environments grow and evolve over time.