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You can’t be a great developer if you don’t understand how data works

Database technologies are constantly changing. To scale your application, you need to understand the data platform and how it performs.

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Developers who understand how to recognize and troubleshoot poor performance build applications that can stand the test of time. When you learn SQL Server and technology specific to the database, you create more secure and scalable applications.

Our developer courses are taught by industry experts who understand what developers need in order to create effective SQL Server code. Choose from a variety of Immersion Event courses that will help you widen your SQL Server knowledge and hone your skills. Each class can be taken as a standalone and doesn’t require a prerequisite.

Courses for Developers


Immersion Event on Transactions, Locking, Blocking, Isolation, and Versioning

No longer think of SQL Server as a black-box that “just works.”

While SQL Server can do a lot for you, it also has a lot of options—each with pros and cons for certain environments. Learning how to fundamentally interact with SQL Server’s locking strategy will make you a proficient and effective developer—helping to improve scalability and manageability of your code.


Immersion Event on Fixing Slow Queries, Inefficient Code, and Caching/Statistics Problems

Some of the most common and incorrectly identified problems are around queries and how SQL Server optimizes and caches code. This course focuses on the most common problems and their proper solutions!


Immersion Event on Very Large Tables: Optimizing Performance and Availability through Partitioning

As more and more data is retained, tables grow larger and larger. Having a very large table (VLT) in SQL Server is possible but many tasks can be negatively affected by table size. Knowing how to better architect these VLTs will improve your performance, availability, and manageability


Immersion Event on Columnstore Indexes

Columnstore indexes were introduced with SQL Server 2012 and the features across versions 2012, 2014, and 2016 varied greatly. However, in SQL Server 2016 and higher, they are essential to understand. While not every table can benefit from these, you might find a lot of power in their correct use for large, read-mostly/reporting tables.

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We work with Pluralsight to offer flexible, online training courses so you can get the skills you need on your schedule. Mix and match courses across all disciplines and in smaller, topic-based formats suited to your needs. These online courses are also a fantastic way to review and refresh your Immersion Event knowledge at any time.

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