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See us at this year’s PASS Data Community Summit!

We are working our way through a SQLskills Base Camp Training Event where we help you to digest and absorb the HUGE amount of technical content that’s included in our Blackbelt Bundle. You can read more details about it here.

  • Achieve your SQL Server 2019 Blackbelt through our Base Camp Training Event (or, on your own / at your own pace)
  • Achieve your SQL Server 2022 Blackbelt soon!
    • First, achieve your SQL Server 2019 Blackbelt
    • Review all of the SQL Server 2022 Updates in the Base Camp Q&As
    • Complete the SQL Server 2022 IECAG course (coming in the first half of 2022)
    • Complete the SQL Server 2022 IESP course (a new course focused on multiple plans and how to effectively design and troubleshoot procedures with this new feature) 

We have a bunch of FREE sessions called SQLskills Insider Sessions:

Be sure to spelunk around our Resouces tab, there are LOTS of resources out there on SQL Server!

SQL Server 2022 wasn’t a large release for backend features as much as it was for New Features and integration. As a result, we are not doing a full line-up of SQL Server 2022 courses. Our SQL Server 2019 SQL line-up of courses have completed; we have a great set of bundles available in our new Learning Paths where you can really focus on just what you need to succeed!

  • Check out our targeted Learning Paths
  • Details about our specials are always posted to our SQLskills Newsletter FIRST. Are you a member? Scroll down and STAY CONNECTED!
  • ADVANCE YOUR CAREER with deep knowledge and insight of SQL Server NOW!

We offer a variety of training options from recorded courses to LIVE, online deliveries. Check out our full schedule here

*ALUMNI – If you’ve taken an online course and already have a login for viewing past courses, you should see the alumnus price (member pricing) automatically. If you have ONLY attended a live, in-person delivery, send us an email to get you a discount code for your first purchase on our online system!

Take control of your data career

We’ve worked with thousands of people like you: intelligent, hardworking data professionals who just haven’t been given what they need to succeed…which results in all sorts of dire consequences:

  • Productivity stalls because people can’t work.

  • Revenue suffers because customers can’t make purchases.

  • Your team feels defeated by compounding problems.

  • Your manager loses confidence in your ability to keep things running.

Server downtime and poor performance are bad for business. They’re even worse for your career.

Show your data who's boss.

With training and consulting from SQLskills, you’ll proactively drive your team’s success, rather than just reacting to your database issues.

  • Deliver elegant solutions to problems that once baffled you

  • Stop worrying about downtime and slowdowns

  • Elevate your team’s capacity

  • Take control of your data career

  • Gain respect and support from management

  • Meet—or even exceed—your SLAs

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