Wow! Wow! Wow! THANK YOU!

I announced my retirement from SQL/tech here and your comments on my blog, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook were overwhelming and humbling! I’m so touched by the outpouring of THANKS – and from afar – all around the world. It’s incredible how “small” the world of tech can be with the level of access we all have via the web. I’m so happy to have reached so many. Some of you emailed over the many years, but many of you just reviewed content – learned, and went on your way (always the intent of things like blog posts).

And then the PASS Data Community Summit came. I had a precon workshop (Queries Gone Wrong: Caching, Statistics, Cardinality -> Solutions!), a session (SQL Server Indexing for Performance), and then I “passed the torch” from having delivered the Community Keynote last year (PASS 2022: 30+ Years of Innovation) to introducing the 2023 Community Keynote by Ben Weissman and Melody Zacharias: AIOps and ChatGPT – Prepare to Ride the Next Wave (2023 PASS Data Community Summit keynote).

So many of you came up and asked for a photo, or just wished me well with my future endeavors, or thanked me again for all of the content. It was incredible. So, I need to post a few photos here. Please send me any photos YOU took to my email kimberly at SQLskills dot com.

And at my final session, I could not believe it. You honored me with an incredible standing ovation. You, quite literally, brought me to tears. Oddly, and I rarely remember to do this, I grabbed my camera. This is a memory I won’t EVER forget but to capture it as well. I could not have been more THANKFUL for that. WOW! I barely know what to say… typing this is even difficult. THANK YOU!

And then came the keynote. I have to admit, I was nervous. Just like last year, my intro wasn’t technical (duh!) so I always wonder how I’m going to do… I (STILL – after 30+ years) get stressed about presenting but presenting non-technical, that’s the worst for me. And, so many people to thank – Redgate, all of the sponsors and exhibitors – I don’t want to miss anyone!

But, then the surprise at the end… WOW! I can’t believe that Redgate (via Steve Jones, Kevin Kline, and Joe Webb plus the lovely Paul Randal) gave me a gorgeous lifetime achievement award and a stunning bouquet of flowers. What an incredible surprise! 

Above all – the most important thing I can say – OUR #SQLfamily COMMUNITY IS THE BEST!!!

Did I mention that our #SQLfamily is the best?! I think I need to again!

Our #SQLfamily is the best tech community!

Thank you again and again and again! Wow! I am just so honored for everything. So much love!!! 


Plus - Send me your AI Data Superhero Images

These were just so fun!

3 thoughts on “Wow! Wow! Wow! THANK YOU!

  1. Kimberly, thank you so much. You made such a big difference in my career. The SQL Skills immersion event in Chicago was the best work trip I’ve ever taken.

  2. Good Luck, Kim. When I started taking SQL Server seriously and began searching for learning materials, it was your and Paul’s blogs that provided enormous insight into the product and gave my me an edge in DBA team. The rest is history now, as I am working for Microsoft, focusing more on the BI stack and data. But I truly appreciate all that you do for the broader SQL community.

  3. Kimberly and Paul – You helped us make a career for tens of thousands of database professionals like me, THANK YOU and huge respect to all you have done and contributed to the Database World!!!

    Wish you a happy retired life!!!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! THANK YOU!

I announced my retirement from SQL/tech here and your comments on my blog, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook were overwhelming and humbling! I’m so touched


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