SQLskills Year End Sale

I know. I don’t blog often. For me, it’s one of the first things to go off of my “extra stuff to do” list. I love blogging and writing about cool stuff. Sadly, though, I’m not a big fan of writing. I always seem to get wrapped up in my words or in tangents. But, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to tell you about our upcoming sale.

FYI – If you’re a SQLskills Insider you would have had insight into the upcoming sale roughly 3 weeks ago when we announced it. And a few days ago when we gave our Insiders all of the details. If you’re not already an Insider, you can sign up here.

As for our sale, it’s MOSTLY for already available / recorded content. But, we do have 3 LIVE / ONLINE Immersion Event deliveries scheduled for Spring 2023 and we certainly hope you can join us. The super-early-bird pricing is the lowest we’ve offered for a LIVE event!

So, here are the highlights!

(1) Buy a BlackBelt Bundle for 90% OFF – from December 2 through 9, 2022

  • Full / Regular Price: $15,960.00 (7 Immersion Events and over 158 HOURS of deep, technical content)

  • Typical Bundle Price: $6,995.00

  • Regular Sale Price: $2,125 (December 9, 2022 – January 15, 2023)

  • LOWEST PRICE EVER: $1,596.50 NOW through December 9, 2022 (at 12:00am UTC)

(2) Add any LIVE courses to the same order with a BlackBelt Bundle and get 50% of the live immersion events with the discount code: EOY50OFFwBB.

Want to check out a few demos before you purchase? Here are a few random chunks of a few of our most popular courses: 

(3) Buy any recorded course or bundle for a second time (regardless of when your first purchase is / was) and we’ll remove the expiration dates! Instead of your courses expiring in 1 year (our typical access length), you’ll effectively get “lifetime access*.”

* Lifetime Access will be at least as long as the recorded course’s SQL Server version is a valid / supported version by Microsoft. And, even then, probably another year or two! 

Where to Go to Read all of the EOY Sale Prices/Details!

———-> > > > > > > > > > Head to our online shop here! < < < < < < < < < < ———-



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