SQLskills.com is the premier provider of SQL Server training in the world – we’ve trained everyone from renowned industry experts to involuntary DBAs. We focus on teaching real-world knowledge that you can immediately put into practice to benefit your company. We want to make sure that you’re getting relevant, current information so all our instructors are full-time SQL Server consultants who work with SQL Server every day, at a wide variety of clients, and they know how to convey information so you can absorb it. Our classes are full of examples and anecdotes, with lots of demos that you get to take away with you.

Online Recorded Training

Our popular online, recorded training courses are all available worldwide through our partner Pluralsight for as little as US$29/month, which includes more than 170 hours of SQLskills online training (growing all the time) and more than 5,000 total developer and IT Pro courses. If you just can’t make it to one of our classes, but you still want the best SQL Server information out there, these courses are for you! We cover everything from basic Transact-SQL to advanced performance troubleshooting.

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Live Online Training

We decided to start teaching some live, online classes as we recognize that not everyone can travel to our in-person classes, or take that time away from work or family, or simply have travel budget as well as training budget. People also have different ways they learn, some preferring in-person training, some preferring recorded, online training, and some preferring live, online training.

Rather than have people try to watch a full day of training at their computer for one of more days, the class will run from 10am to 3pm PST each day, with two 90-minute teaching sessions, each followed by Q&A, and a lunch break. We chose to do this, and to spread the class over a few days, so the times work well for those in the Americas, Africa, and Europe. We also realize that this is complex, architectural content, so want to give attendees time to digest each day’s material, plus extensive Q&A.

Live Online Immersion Event details and curricula

Schedule of Upcoming Live Online Classes

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In-person Training

Our in-person classes (which we call Immersion Events) are all presented in hotels that we know well, where we have social events in the evenings, including lectures from guest speakers. We provide a full breakfast and lunch every day, plus drinks and snacks, so you don’t have to waste time during breaks leaving the classroom to find food. Unlike other instructional programs, we also hang out and make ourselves available to you all week for a full Immersion experience!

Need Help Justifying Training?

If you need help making the case for training to your organization, we can help you:

In-person Immersion Event details and curricula

Schedule of Upcoming In-person Classes

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Class Costs and Frequently Asked Questions

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Customized On-Site Training

  • If you want your team to be trained as one group, we can come on-site and teach one or more of our classes for you. Click HERE for more info.