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SQL Server training to build your skills and further your career

Learning SQL Server can be a challenge. But you can do it.

Let’s be honest: “Learn SQL Server” isn’t exactly a one-and-done task. It’s a complex environment with endless if-then dependencies. And because the data industry is in constant motion, it can feel difficult to keep up.

It’s not impossible. You just need training you can trust from experts who’ve been where you are. We’ve helped thousands of data professionals learn practical skills so they can meet their specific challenges head-on. We can help you, too.

Learning Paths

Wherever you fall on the data professional spectrum, we have courses to meet you where you are—and help you reach the next level.

To meet your time and budget requirements, detailed, technical content is available in three formats: on-demand, live streaming, and in-person.


Accidental and Junior DBAs

You’re just starting with SQL Server, and you want to learn the right way to configure and manage your environment before you get in over your head.

These courses will give you the broad, foundational knowledge you need to keep the lights on: backups, maintenance, configuration, basic security, and troubleshooting.

Mid-level and Senior DBAs

These courses will help you become a performance tuning master – from configuration to strategies to workload analysis. And, you’ll also learn numerous tips on automation, run-book details, internals, and advanced troubleshooting.


You’ve realized the impact development has on system performance, but you’re not sure why. You need SQL skills.

In these courses, you’ll level-up your understanding of database objects, data integrity, object coding, database roles, and database-level security.


You know SQL Server well enough to design effective environments on your own, but that doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally get stuck.

With these courses, you can get help with large database design, system integration with other data sources, migrations, and high-availability architectures.

Why train with SQLskills?

Unmatched Expertise

From writing some of the actual code for SQL Server, to writing and teaching Microsoft's advanced MCM certification for SQL Server, to troubleshooting and tuning some of the most challenging SQL Server workloads on the planet, be assured that we have the expertise and experience to help you!

Accessible Instruction

We have more than 50 years combined experience teaching SQL Server at all levels—from beginner to very advanced, in settings from user groups to conference keynotes. We're all capable of teaching from 100-level to 400-level, and we appreciate and empathize with the difficulties of learning complex topics. We will make sure that you fully understand and have practical knowledge you can apply immediately.

Real-world Knowledge

We teach practical skills that equip you to solve big problems right away.

Relevant and Current Information

We stay on the leading edge of SQL Server so our training is never outdated.

Examples and Demonstrations

With access to sample databases, you can practice your skills and build your confidence.

Time-Saving Tools and Tips

Our students report saving hours every day by applying what they learn.

What past attendees are saying

Learning SQL Server with SQLskills is both deeply
technical and highly engaging…

Keeping up with SQL Server is tough

Getting the training you need is simple

We don’t just know SQL Server; we also know what it’s like to sit in your chair. Trying to stay ahead of the industry curve is overwhelming, and the pressure to perform is substantial. We created SQLskills so you can keep your knowledge current and your infrastructure moving forward.

Choose a course

You’ll take a quick assessment as part of the registration process so you’ll know you’re starting at the right level.

Apply what you learn

Our courses are based in real-world practicality, which means you can start solving problems right away.

Tackle challenges head-on

Grow your problem-solving capacity, elevate your team’s capabilities, and become invaluable to your organization.