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Essential SQL Server performance tuning and optimization courses for Mid-level and Senior DBAs

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The modern DBA has become a business asset. You not only have to stand up servers and tune performance, but today you exist to partner with business leaders and demonstrate your value. No pressure, right?

We want to help you deliver elegant solutions that unite technology and business. We design training courses so you can get on top of changes in SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform. We believe the best technical learning is completely immersive and our focused events create life-long skills for our students. It’s time to transition from simply reacting to your database issues, to proactively driving your team’s success. ​

Courses for Mid-level and Senior DBAs


Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 1

IEPTO1 is part one of two core courses for performance, tuning, and optimizing SQL Server systems. It focuses on the design and foundation of a solid SQL Server database—from data and log files to tempdb to indexing strategies and statistics to proper database maintenance.

It is highly recommended that you complete this course before taking IEPTO2.


Immersion Event on Performance Tuning and Optimization – Part 2

A lot of the solutions tie back to concepts presented in IEPTO1, but this course teaches you how to identify and troubleshoot problems from I/O to memory to CPU. Together these courses make an excellent foundation for a successful DBA career.


Immersion Event on Solving Common Performance Problems with Query Store

Query Store was designed for anyone who administers SQL Server, but those who want to leverage the feature to its fullest capacity also benefit from this course.

Considerations about configuration, implementation, and feature management are covered, along with using Query Store for troubleshooting basic and advanced performance issues, plan forcing, and workload analysis.

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We work with Pluralsight to offer flexible, online training courses so you can get the skills you need on your schedule. Mix and match courses across all disciplines and in smaller, topic-based formats suited to your needs. These online courses are also a fantastic way to review and refresh your Immersion Event knowledge at any time.

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