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2018 Conference Demos and Sample Databases


As used in many conference sessions, these sample databases are useful for learning and reproducing the behavior of most demos. Credit is used in many performance-related demos. SalesDB is used in many “online operations” demos. Unzip and restore (possibly, WITH MOVE) to use.


These zip files contain the common corrupt databases that Paul uses for some of the DBCC CHECKDB demos. Some of the databases will only work on some versions of SQL Server so for instructions, see this blog post for details. Unzip and restore (possibly, WITH MOVE) to use.

There are a couple of corrupt 2014 AdventureWorks databases that are used during the IE0 class in this zip. (90MB zip/~670MB restored)


PASS 2017: Query Store and Automatic Tuning in SQL Server (Erin) Video
PASS 2015: DBA Mythbusters (Paul) Video
PASS 2015: SQL Server Indexing Performance (Kimberly) Video
PASS 2014: Advanced Data Recovery Techniques (Paul) Video
PASS 2014: Five Execution Plan Patterns to Watch For (Erin) Video


PASS Summit 2018 (November 5-9, Seattle, US)

Precon: Fixing Query Performance Problems from Estimates, Statistics, Heuristics, and Cardinality (Kimberly) Demo scripts and URLs (password in slides handout for precon attendees only) and Session Settings slide from Pluralsight course: SQL Server: Optimizing Stored Procedure Performance – Part 2 (here)

SQLintersection Spring 2018 (March 24-29, Orlando, US)

Precon: Performance Tuning Using Waits and Latches (Paul) Demo scripts, whiteboard, and URLs (password in slides handout for precon attendees only)
Precon: SQL Server Indexing Strategies for Performance (Kimberly) Demo scripts, whiteboard, and URLs (password in slides handout for precon attendees only)
Precon: Migrating to SQL Server 2017 (Glenn) Demo scripts
Precon: Azure for the SQL Server DBA (Tim) Demo scripts
Session: Introduction to Performance Troubleshooting Using Wait Statistics (Paul) Demo scripts
Session: Building a Better Backup Strategy (Paul) Demo scripts
Session: Corruption Survival Techniques (Paul) Demo scripts
Session: Advanced Data Recovery Techniques (Paul) Demo scripts
Session: Statement Execution, Caching, and Reducing Plan Cache Bloat (Kimberly) Demo scripts
Session: SQL Server Indexing: Strategies for Performance (Kimberly) Demo scripts
Session: SQL Server Indexing: Tools and Tuning Walkthrough (Kimberly) Demo scripts
Session: Estimates & Statistics: Parameters, Literals, and Variables (Kimberly) Demo scripts
Session: Statistics: Understanding, Updating, and Improving Performance (Kimberly) Demo scripts
Session: Professor DMV: How to Use Dynamic Management Views to Diagnose SQL Server Performance Issues (Glenn) Demo scripts
Session: Hardware 301: Diving Deeper into Database Hardware (Glenn) Demo scripts
Session: Azure SQL Database for the Production DBA (Tim) Demo scripts

SQLBits 2018 (February 21-24, London, UK)

Precon: Solving Common Performance Problems Using Query Store (Erin) Demo scripts (password in slides handout for precon attendees only)
Session: Kicking and Screaming: Replacing Profiler with Extended Events (Erin) Demo scripts