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2013 Conference Demos and Sample Databases


As used in many conference sessions, these sample databases are useful for learning and reproducing the behavior of most demos. Credit is used in many performance-related demos. SalesDB is used in many “online operations” demos. Unzip and restore (possibly, WITH MOVE) to use.


These zip files contain the common corrupt databases that Paul uses for some of the DBCC CHECKDB demos. Some of the databases will only work on some versions of SQL Server so for instructions, see this blog post for details. Unzip and restore (possibly, WITH MOVE) to use.

There are a couple of corrupt 2014 AdventureWorks databases that are used during the IE0 class in this zip. (90MB zip/~670MB restored)


PASS 2017: Query Store and Automatic Tuning in SQL Server (Erin) Video
PASS 2015: DBA Mythbusters (Paul) Video
PASS 2015: SQL Server Indexing Performance (Kimberly) Video
PASS 2014: Advanced Data Recovery Techniques (Paul) Video
PASS 2014: Five Execution Plan Patterns to Watch For (Erin) Video


SQLintersection Fall (October 27-31, 2013, Las Vegas, US)
Precon: Queries Gone Wild: Real-World Solutions (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Postcon: Practical Disaster Recovery Techniques (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Making SQL Server Faster – Part 1: Simple Things (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Making SQL Server Faster – Part 2: Not So Simple Things (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Understanding Logging and Recovery (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Understanding and Implementing an Index Strategy (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Session: Query Plan Analysis (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Session: The VLT: Optimizing Performance for Large Tables (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Session: Saving the SQL Server Planet (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Session: Solving Complex Problems with Extended Events (Jonathan) Demo Scripts
Session: Deadlocking for Mere Mortals (Jonathan) Demo Scripts
Session: Best Practice ORM Usage with SQL Server (Jonathan) Demo Scripts
Session: Key Considerations for Faster T-SQL Performance (Jonathan) Demo Scripts
Session: Making the Leap From Profiler to Extended Events (Erin) Demo Scripts
Session: Key Considerations for Better Schema Design (Erin) Demo Scripts
Session: Free Tools for More Free Time (Erin) Demo Scripts

PASS Summit (October 14-18, 2013, Charlotte, US)
Precon: Practical Disaster Recovery Techniques (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Waits, Latches, and Spinlocks: Internals and Analysis (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Index Fragmentation: Internals, Analysis, and Solutions (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: Skewed Data, Poor Cardinality Estimates, and Plans Gone Bad (Kimberly) Demo Scripts

  • Note: These are v1 demo scripts; Kimberly will blog future updates. If/when she does – we’ll add a link here.

Session: Making the Leap from Profiler to Extended Events (Erin) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL Server Archaeology: Dig into the Past with system_health Jonathan) Demo Scripts

SQLintersection Spring (April 7-12, 2013, Las Vegas, US)
Precon: Indexing Strategies that Work: Covering – Concepts, Concerns, Costs (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Precon: Understanding Statement Execution and Optimizing Stored Procedures (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Postcon: Solving Query Performance Problems (Kimberly and Joe)

Session: SQL228: Database Design Matters (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL231: Indexes, Data Access and What Works! (Kimberly) Demo Scripts
Session: PANEL3: Ask Anything Index (Kimberly, Joe, Kendra Little) Resources
Session: PANEL4: Ask Anything Performance (Kimberly, Paul, Brent Ozar) Resources
Session: SQL201: Making SQL Server Faster: Part 1 – Simple Things (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL402: Making SQL Server Faster: Part 2 – Not So Simple Things (Paul) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL317: SQL Core: CPU Performance Issues (Joe) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL318: SQL Core: Performance Issue Patterns (Joe) Demo Scripts
Session: SQL227: Columnstore Index Ramp-Up (Joe) Demo Scripts

Expert Seminar at Addskills (March 12-13, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden)
Demo Scripts

DevWeek UK (March 4-8, 2013, London, UK)
Precon: Writing SQL Server Database Applications and Stored Procedures For Best Performance (Bob) Demo Scripts
Session: Modeling and implementing hierarchies with SQL Server (Bob) Demo Scripts
Session: FileStreams and FileTables in SQL Server 2012 (Bob) Demo Scripts
Session: Server and client tracing using ETW, Extended Events and SQL Server 2012 (Bob) Demo Scripts
Session: Data Movement and Windows Azure SQL Database (Bob) Demo Scripts
Session: T-SQL improvements in SQL Server 2012 (Bob) Demo Scripts
Session: SQLCLR internals, .NET 4 support, and the new memory manager in SQL Server 2012 (Bob) Demo Scripts