Online SQL Server Training Courses

We can scale your SQL Servers and your workload but we can’t scale ourselves!¬†Although our Immersion Events are extremely popular, and in high demand, we can’t spend all year traveling and teaching, and we can’t come to everyone’s favorite location, so we have to limit the number of Immersion Events that we can do. By gradually recording our collective SQL knowledge for you to access online,¬†we create a scalable way to get really good SQL Server training to all the people across the world who want it. This also makes a great complement to our Immersion Events, but doesn’t replace the in-person learning experience.

We’re not talking about recording our Immersion Events – those will remain an in-person, intense, learning experience for those who want them. We’re also not moving away from our Immersion Events. Instead we’re allowing those who cannot afford the time, travel, or cost of an Immersion Event to benefit from our knowledge. And for those who do attend our Immersion Events, for that unique experience, the online training will complement and enhance the classroom learning.

We partner with our good friends at Pluralsight to provide you with the best online SQL Server training at the most affordable prices. Pluralsight subscriptions start from as little as US$29/month, for over 4,000 developer and IT Pro courses!

Details of how to sign up with Pluralsight are here.

Here are the SQLskills online training courses that are available:

We plan to add more than 20 new courses during 2015, bringing a huge amount of relevant, practical information within easy reach around the world.