SQL Server Remote DBA Service

Do you need help managing your SQL Servers?

Perhaps you don’t have a full-time DBA…maybe you do have a full-time DBA but they’re swamped with projects and other tasks, or you might have one or more junior/new DBAs and they need some guidance.  Whatever is, if you need to make sure your systems are stable and continue to run smoothly, we can help.

Prior to starting remote DBA services, a full health check must be performed on the SQL Server instance(s) to be monitored to establish a baseline.

We agree how often you’d like us to check in with your system(s) – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly – and then install our monitoring package that will alert you and us of anything happening on your servers. If anything does happen, we’ll respond by the end of the next business day (typically the same day).

Assuming all is well, we’ll log in regularly and perform our regular health checks.  You get billed for the hours we work, with no exorbitant retainer fee. The initial cost covers the required health check and initial installation (usually 2 hours).  Ongoing costs are determined by the frequency of service – you pay for the regular checks, plus whatever hours we work responding to incidents, up to whatever budget you set.

You can allocate further time for us to mentor new and junior DBAs, help with projects, assist with performance tuning…really, whatever you need, we’re there.  It’s our goal to provide peace of mind, support your team as needed, and help develop the skills of your DBA team.  If you stop needing our help because your employees have it covered, then we’ve done our job.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements by email, phone, or online meeting – free and with no obligation.