SQL Server Health Check

In a SQL Server Health Check, we methodically review over 100 different items that are important for SQL Server performance.  Based on the outcome of the health check, we provide you with a detailed report of the problem areas (including supporting links to blog posts and articles we’ve written that provide details about how you can fix the problems) plus conduct a short call to discuss the health check results.  If needed, we can also assist you with remediation of the identified problems on a WebEx session.

After purchasing a SQL Server Health Check, you will have access to download a customized package to run that will collect the required data automatically from your SQL Server, and also a questionnaire which asks about your maintenance practices and solution configuration.  The data collection should take only a few minutes to run and will output several text files to a folder inside of the location where you unzipped the package. You can see what data we’re collecting as everything is output as plain text. We then ask you to upload the completed questionnaire and output files to our secure client access portal, which you will receive an automated email from for how to login the first time.  Once we have the data, we will review all of the information and generate the report for your environment.

It’s quick, it’s painless, and it will be a great help to your SQL Server environment!

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