Got back from Win-Dev last night…and immediately crashed. It was a great show, a little exhausting because some of the folks that I’d lined up for the data track bowed out and I did some alternative talks. This is the first year Win-Dev had a database-data access centric track and, if the comments were any indication, folks liked the idea a lot.

Interesting thing happened at Win-Dev…because I made a comment about having worked with IMS and IDMS (well-known mainframe databases that do not follow the relational model), someone asked how old I was. I did the math (born in ’53) and came up with 52 years old. Well…I’m really 51 and the point is that I’m doing computations as if the current year *is* 2005 already. Turns out that I’ve been teaching SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 for a while and have started thinking it’s already 2005. I live in the future, I guess.

Two more months and I’ll be right…and sometime after (well, within the year) these products will ship. And I’ll be able to compute my age quickly again.