I’m back home again after being on the road three weeks out of the last four. Internet access was good, except for one hotel. I watched the person in front of me at checkin:

Guest: How do you access the high-speed internet you mention in your ad?
Clerk: Unplug the phone jack from the wall, replace it with your PC plug.
Guest: Then what?
Clerk: Dial your ISP.
Guest: I don’t have an ISP here.
Clerk: There is a list of them on the internet.

I didn’t listen any further.

During my travels, it appears that I acquired a throat infection that makes it difficult to talk. This gives me a chance to use one an analogy from Ball Four by Jim Bouton. He was speaking of baseball pitchers, but… An instructor with a throat infection is “like a tiddly-winks champion with a hangnail”.

Anyhow, back home, got real high-speed internet. Technical content coming…