Barcelona Day 2 – Powershell/SMO and SQLCLR

Today is day of SQLCLR (that is, use of .NET CLR code in SQL Server) for me at TechEd/Developers in Barcelona. I’m doing two talks on it: one before and one after lunch. The before lunch talk is a breakout-style talk, illustrating with code when its a good idea to use SQLCLR and when its not a good idea. I’ll also touch on some SQL Server 2008 SQLCLR enhancements. Questions and comments at end of the talk.

The “after lunch” talk is more of an open discussion. Some folks think that SQLCLR is one of the fine features of SQL Server 2005. Other just want to know: “how do you turn that off, programmers will just abuse it”. Please bring your opinions along (don’t check them at the door), and contribute to the discussion. I think SQLCLR is one of the most misunderstood features of SQL Server.

After the SQLCLR discussion, I’ll be doing an interactive session on SQL Server and Powershell. These two are integrated by means of a .NET library called SMO, though Powershell can also be used with SQLDMO. They’ll be a little surprise in this one, but you’ll need to be there to find out.

See you there!

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