Barcelona Day 4 – Transactions/Isolation and OLE DB v ODBC

Today, I’m finishing up my (many) talks at TechEd/Developers’ Barcelona with a breakout on best practices for transactions and isolation and leading an interactive discussion on OLE DB and ODBC. I love talking about transactions and, in addition to demonstrating all of the isolation levels SQL Server supports their behavior and repercussions, I’ll even show the fairly esoteric “MARS batch-scoped transaction”.

The “OLE DB and ODBC” discussion should be good. After seemingly moving away from ODBC since the late 1990s (actually they never moved away) there has been a movement toward embracing the ODBC lifestyle and reiterating support in the pre-SQL Server 2008 timeframe. I’ll be co-hosting this one with Elisa Flasko of the Microsoft data access team.

See you there!

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