Changes to the Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server program

Some intersting things happened in the SQL Server certification space while I was away. Joe Sack announced A New Path to Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008. And at the same time released some content that we (SQLskills) recorded for the new program. Coming to Redmond for obligatory MCM training is no longer required, and the certification procedure has been revamped.

At the same time, Paul, Kimberly, and Brent blogged about some new SQLskills training geared towards this program. I announced it at one of my TechEd sessions too, because I'll be involved in this program too, but just in case you weren't at conferences last week…thought it was time to blog. Take a look at Paul's blog entry for the most specific details and contact him with your questions. Seems like an exciting year ahead.

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