Commoditization of a technology deployment pattern

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve stopped taking comments and trackbacks for a while. I figured if you’all like video poker, you know where to find it. I’ll try and put them back soon, because you and I lose the valuable feedback along with the valueless drivel. For example…

I’d mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry about scale out being a “last resort”. Today, someone from a consultancy/solution design group at Microsoft said “but we don’t recommend scale-out only as a last resort any more.” The new database technology features along with advances in hardware make it accessible to all.

All? So there you have it. I’m used to thinking in terms of buying myself a 1gig or more personal music player to replace the 64meg one I bought last year. For the same price or less. But the commoditization of once high-end only software solution designs? Or approachable (to all) incremental design evolution towards the high-end without a major rewrite? Hmmm…

Good. I was having trouble figuring out how to max out the database system from the design meeting room, anyway.

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