Composable DML and Composable Queries

In a previous blog entry a while ago, I wrote about writing a single SQL statement that did a SQL MERGE operation, used the OUTPUT clause to put out a rowset and directed the rowset into an INSERT statement. This happens in one statement without the need of explicitly defining a temporary table and using multiple SQL statements.

Turns out that this feature has a name: Composable DML. I've also heard it called (in SQL Server Books Online) "DML table source".

I've also heard the term composable queries, both in references to both Entity Framework functions and LINQ to SQL. They even have an "IsComposable" attribute in the Function definition) In this context, it means that the output of a function that produces a rowset (in this case a SQL Server table-valued function) or code that produces a rowset can be combined with further queries that do more filtering or projection, or even retrieve related rows. When the queries are submitted to the database, they are composed into a single SQL statement.

The point is pretty similar, reduce the resources required to accomplish a set of operations by reducing the number of statements or database round-trips needed.

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