I thought it was curious that in a DACPAC you can specify required version and edition of SQL Server as a deployment option. But DAC (Data-Tier Applications) is a new feature of SQL Server 2008 R2 and VS2010 data tools. So what versions and editions does it support? (or will it support?). The somewhat surprising answer came in today, as an answer to a forum question.

Check this thread out… If I'm reading this correctly, and "No <sup>1</sup>" means "No with a superscript of 1", the functionality may be being backported (see note 1 below the chart). Very cool!

Visual Studio 2010 B2 can make DACs and deploy them as of Nov 2008 CTP of R2. Take a look at Sanjay's video if you missed this announcement.

Note that DAC is a separate concept from SQL Server Utility, although Utility will keep per-DAC stats (one diagram in BOL insinuates non-DAC databases too, but I think I might be misreading the diagram) on the SQL Servers it manages. Utility can only manage 2008 R2 instances at present but maybe (big maybe, move along, nothing to see here) they might backport the support to 2008 some day. And remember, the SQL Server edition for a UCP (Utility Control Point) must be SQL Server 2008 R2 Data Center, Developer, or Enterprise Evaluation. That's Data Center-only for "real" installations.

Glad to see this functionality taking shape.