Day of PowerShell/SQL and more at SQL Server Connections

It's just about another month until this fall's SQL Server Connections conference on Nov 1-4 in Las Vegas. I thought I'd give some background as to what I'd be covering in my precon: "Day of Scripting: Plumbing The Depths of SQL Server / PowerShell Integration".

I've been speaking on PowerShell and SQL Server ever since the SQL Server 2008 piece was announced. There's always a quick runthrough of PowerShell syntax in general, followed by the SQL Server integration pieces. Not this time. First-off, because I have a day this time, I'll be doing a much more complete version of the syntax, including such goodies as details of the type system and COM and WMI support.

Also, since the last time I spoke on PowerShell, V2 has been released. So I'll be working with V2 and covering modules, one of the many big V2 improvements. So, if you want to "code along", have V2 installed on your laptop or VM before arriving. In addition, there's some interesting new PowerShell functionality in SQL Server 2008 R2. So I'll be using 2008 R2. 2008 R2 is not a requirement to code along, but would add to your enjoyment.

Remember, PowerShell/SQL Server integration is not only about SMO; it's about automating script-based procedures. It's not meant to subsume T-SQL, but to work in conjunction with it, doing each part of a job in the language where it makes sense.

If you're at SQLConnections, I'll also be speaking on Programming Filestreams and Remote Blob Storage in 2008 R2 (yes, there's been changes), on StreamInsight (including the CTP-to-RTM enhancements), and Auditing and Compliance (who wouldn't want to be in compliance?).

Hope to see you there, stop by and say hi.

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