First blog entry in a month…what’s up

After posting the last blog entry, I realized that I hadn’t blogged in about a month. Hmmmm…

Well, since last month I posted the demos for my SQLConnections talks on the SQLskills website (under PastConferences). I really had a good time at SQLConnections, its been a while since I’d been invited to speak there. Thanks to those folks who showed up and said hi.

I’ve been updating my classes for SQL Server 2008 while waiting for the next CTP. Don’t know when that’s coming, but everyone’s guess is “sometime in June”. And I’ve found a few more neat things in SQL Server 2008 that I’ll get around to writing about some day soon. And did some experimenting with the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta (see previous post).

And I’ve done a lot of yardwork and gardening. I’ve been outside almost every day; might even lose that pastey-white “programmer who never sees the sun” look. But its 97 degrees in Portland today (yes, 97, really) and its a bit hot for gardening.

Next stop…TechEd Developer Week in June. I’m doing a precon there on SQL Server 2008 and a couple of other interesting talks. Wonder if it will be 97 degrees in Orlando… If you’re in Orlando stop by and say hi.

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