Getting close to SQLskills developer immersion event in February

I’m gearing up for my first SQLskills Immersion Event of the year, Immersion Event for Developers (IEDEV) in Tampa on Feb 17-21.

This one is getting kind of jam-packed with material because, in addition to coverage of T-SQL and its associated topics like query and procedural code performance and transactions and locking, this event will round out your toolbox. They’ll be coverage of specialized techniques such as coding with SQLCLR (.NET procedures, types, and aggregates), SQL and XML, Service Broker, Spatial, and Fulltext Search, as well as designing for tracking changes. As with T-SQL, when using these special techniques, the emphasis is always on performance and using the right tool for the job. We’ll see a lot of query plans and delve into details about specialized index usage. I’ve also included some information and demos on how SQL Server 2014 features fit into the big picture.

Registering soon will give you time to get geared up too, for the sheer amount of information we’ll cover. And, as always, they’ll be some after-hours events and giveaways. Arrive well-rested… If you have specific questions about the coverage, feel free to send me mail before hand. Hope to see you in sunny Tampa in February!

Cheers, Bob

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