I’ll be at PDC…not

That’s the question that folks ask a lot lately. See you at PDC?

It’s not that I wouldn’t *like* to go. It’s that there’s another 3-letter acronym in my life that week, OSF. No, that’s not the Open Software Foundation, it’s the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Mary and I will be making our twice-yearly trek to Ashland to see some plays. We’ll be seeing Twelfth Night and Loves Labor’s Lost among others. They do Shakespeare and more, there’s lots of contemporary plays. And they’re so popular that to get good seats we buy ’em a year in advance.

And Microsoft never checks with me before they schedule these things….oh well. Two years ago, I missed the very first Ascend teach for OSF and I remember Dan (who taught it) writing an XML data type demo and an ObjectSpaces lab, using XML version of Shakespeare’s plays as test data, just to be topical.

I will still be at SQLPass summit in Texas at the end of September. And Tech*Ed Hong Kong the week after. Doing pre-conference talks about…what else…SQL Server 2005 new features. And other talks (about SQL Server and about ADO.NET 2.0) as well. If you’re in either neighborhood drop by. You can let me know what I missed at PDC. SQLskills will be well represented though, Kimberly will be there.

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