I’m at WinDev

Made it to this conference, came a day early just in case (see I’m at SQLPass…not). No hurricanes at this one, but fairly nasty cold and rain yesterday.

Conference is in Boston (well, actually Quincy, MA) this week. We have a database track this year, and I’ll be doing a day of SQL Server 2005 / ADO 2.0 and some related talks as well. When the taxi pulled in to the hotel parking lot I was surprised to see a fleet of police motorcycles and a big crowd in the lobby. Rumor was that the baseball players were staying here since the world series is in town this weekend. Lots of partying after the games in any case.

The lobby was packed all weekend and since I saw someone signing autographs for a few children (this doesn’t usually happen at software conferences that I’m aware of) looks like the rumors were true. Things ought to quiet down a bit since everyone’s on their way to St Louis today. Or…all the action will be in the conference rooms rather than in the lobby.

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