I’m Database Geek of the Week (last week)

Sometime between when I left for Europe and when I started reading email that wasn’t addressed “question from student” (yes, I do answer all those), my “Database Geek of the Week” interview got published. By a guy from Red Gate Software named Douglas Reilly.

The way I think this works is that someone suggests you for this honor. I don’t know who suggested me, I wasn’t told. Then Douglas writes some nice stuff about you and thinks up some questions he’d like to ask. Custom questions, too, from the way they sounded. Cool. He sends them to you and you answer in email. And he publishes questions and answers. Interesting concept.

On “my interview” page, there are links to articles (not mine) about “ADO.NET Data Access” and “.NET 2.0 transaction model”. How relevent and coincidental.

Anyway, I’m honored…that someone would take the time to write questions and nice stuff about me and blog/ezine-style publish it. Thanks Douglas.

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