Install me next… Denali CTP3 Books Online

After downloading CTP3, I immediately (well, almost immediately) went to set the options to view Books Online from local storage. You'all do know how to do that, Help and Community off the start menu, Manage Help Settings. But downloading BOL gets CTP1 also.  Online BOL is still CTP1, last time I tried. Bummer.

So I was about to suggest a game of "find the feature", when I found the books online. It's off the feature pack site here. Direct link is here. Ignore the fact that the page says CTP1. The file says CTP3. And it is….

Just in case you haven't done this before:
1. Download the books online exe
2. Run it, choose a location to unzip the contents. They unzip into a directory called "DenaliCTP3Layout".
3. You should now fire up Help and Community/Manage Help Settings
4. You should already be configured for local help. After doing this..
5. Choose "Install Content From Disk"
6. Navigate the to "DenaliCTP3Layout" directory (you did put it where you could find it, right?)
7. Select the .msha file (HelpContentSetup.msha) and you're good to go.
8. A few minutes later, open up your new Denali CTP3 Books Online. Voila!

So *now* lets play "find the feature". With the aid of the Books Online. Much easier that way. The feature list (or most of it) is here. What's not in CTP1 IS in CTP3. Post up if you find something not in the list (Aaron Nelson's already mentioned PowerShell features and PowerShell for SSAS). Enjoy!

Update: CTP3 Books Online in web mode is live. Here. Hooray.


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