It’s already tomorrow in Australia

They always get a bit of a jump on us WRT “current events” because of the timezone difference, especially if you live in the land of Pacific Time. I always come home on new year’s evening and by before it’s even dinner time, I’ve already missed new year in Sydney. We do get “Saturday Afternoon Footie“ here and I do watch it. On Friday night.

So….over the weekend Greg Low recorded a session with me for his podcast series at And I’d asked that he wait until Monday, until we’d announced the company move, to make it public. I woke up this morning and it was already there at SDU4FullShow.mp3 or SDU4FullShow.wma. We’ll it’s late afternoon, already. Hussled up the “Times they are a-changin’” blog entry really quickly and forgot to plug his/our podcast. Go git it.

I was a little distracted during the interview over UDT IsNull property and how its handled on the server. More on that later.

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