I’m at ITForum in Barcelona, day 2. I’ve got the 17:00 talk and its on Troubleshooting Service Broker. It’s warm and sunny outside, especially for November, and I’ll need to think up something extrordinary to keep people inside and at the talk. How about having Service Broker make the sun shine inside programmatically..you can do anything with a database, right? Unfortunately, the .NET assembly System.Sunshine.dll is not on the “approved assembly” list for SQLCLR. Must not have done that reliability testing that SQLCLR folks require.

For everyone that was at my Key Management talk yesterday and said they couldn’t live without the demo scripts I was using, the scripts will be, along with the Broker Troubleshooting and the XML for DBAs scripts, on the SQLskills website when the conference ends. Look under the “Past Events“. By next week, this will be a “past event” and the sunshine a distant memory. Sigh.