I’ve got the last talk at TechEd and its almost LAST CALL

I've been at TechEd North America in Orlando this week and have seen some amazing new things. Upcoming operating systems, new hardware, and a detailed technical followup on the Azure (cloud) announcements from last week, including some Windows Azure SQL Database (was SQL Azure) upcoming enhancements. I've spend quite a bit of time at the Technical Learning Center and Ask the Experts Community Meeting answering questions about not only performance (one of the TLC themes), but also spatial data and indexing, full-text indexes, security (auditing), SQL Server and PowerShell, deploying with data-tier application packaging, and even a collation question. Popped in on the hands on labs, and visited a few vendors, especially if old friends were working there. It was a busy week.

And my old phone broke. I think its trying to tell me something… 😉

Things aren't quite over yet. I've got the very last breakout session this afternoon, from 4:30-5:45. That would be DBA411 on integrating filetables and full-text search, including property search, and semantic search, and some other interesting new FTS features (time permitting). Last Call. The "last call" session (especially because its right before the attendee party) can be a bit lonely sometimes, as everyone is either rushing home or back to the hotels to get ready. An interesting thing, though, is that you tend to get the hard-core folks, the people that the REALLY interested in a particular feature. So if you come and keep me company at last call, perhaps I'll have time for some really hard-core info on the topic too.

As always, I'll be posting the demos from my two sessions on the SQLskills website next week. And, because there was so much interest in combining DAC and PowerShell writing a followup blog entry on that as well.

It was great to meet up with old friends and make new ones. And if you didn't come over from Europe for TechEd North America (I ran into a lot of Europeans here), I'll see you at TechEd Europe in Amsterdam in a few weeks! Cheers!


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