The first blog entry got me thinking. For someone supposedly cloistered writing a book, I have been doing some heavy traveling. For the last year, I’ve been teaching Yukon beta 1 quite a bit. Many students were participants in the Ascend program phase 1. They are folks from software companies who write application and system software that runs on SQL Server. They came to the class, Yukon for Developers, to see what all the buzz was about, not only with T-SQL, but with revolutionary features like .NET procedural code support, user-defined types, XML and XQuery, service broker, and others. They were joined by support people and folks from MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services).

It was great fun. I met and hung out with the Ascend guys: Andy Gammuto, Don Petersen, and Roger Doherty. I actually haven’t met Roger yet, he’s just a voice on the phone so far. We took the show to such faraway places as Sydney and Munich; Niels did a gig in Nice.

The best part was seeing what folks thought of the new features. I’ve always met some people using XML in databases on real-world problems in phase 1. They enjoyed trying out the XQuery support. Phase 2 promises to be just as exciting.

So I guess that’s not exactly hiding. More like “where in the world is Bob”. I’ve been around the block a few times. Might even qualify for 1k airplane miles this year. But that’s another story.