.NET Nullable Types as SQLCLR parameters in SQL Server 2008

Just found out about this one today. This SQLCLR function works right now in CTP4 of SQL Server 2008.

public static Nullable<int> AddTwo(Nullable<int> x, Nullable<int> y)
{ return x+y; }

create function dbo.addtwo (@x int, @y int)
returns int
external name asmname.[Mynamespace.Class1].AddTwo;

select dbo.addtwo(2, null);
-> null

Great! Turns out, I suggested this back in 2005…after SQL Server 2005 shipped. And they listened. Actually, going back over the list from 2005… SSMS does display NULL for a NULL UDT already, as of SP1. And large UDTs and UDAggs are also on the agenda for SQL Server 2008.

That may also explain why there's no System.Data.SqlTypes.TimeSpan/DateTimeOffset in Visual Studio Orcas Beta2. They're not needed.

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