Night of the Service Broker…and Announcement

One of the most amazing things that happened at the class last week was Wednesday night, when Dan Sullivan and the SQL Server Service Broker team did “Night of the Service Broker”. Dan did a couple of back-to-back broker talks. Then, the entire SQL Service Broker team, lead by Gerald Hinson and Roger Wolter, participated in a panel discussion on how to effectively write apps that used broker and what made Service Broker unique.

Then Dan announced his new SQL Server Service Broker Developer’s Spot. The site will host discussion forums, articles, tutorials, and also host cooperative development of some interesting service broker apps. It’s open now, and they’ll be sample applications (including the Service Broker client object model, courtesy of the team) up there shortly. So go on up and sign up now, if you’re at all interested. Dan, me, Niels and others will see you there.

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