With the release of SQL Server Denali approaching, (some Denali features are already available in SQL Azure Database), I've decided its time to sift a few Denali features into my 5-day SQLskills Developer Skills Immersion Event on the week of October 24 in Chicago.  This will be the first time I've presented with the expanded canon, but some of Denali features are game-changers. Expanded windowing functions, for example, will change the way you look at solving common problems like running sums and balances. And expanded full-text search functionality (including semantic search) along with the filetable concept might change how you think of storage and search in your database application.

This does NOT mean that the event has changed its focus from being a hardcore performance and best-practice-oriented, developer-oriented look at SQL Server; it will still include all the topics that are required to write high-performance, robust, maintainable code on the server. I'm just moving the familar things forward a bit, to further enhance the education experience.

There should be an expanded outline up soon on the website, and there are still some seats left for this one. See you in Chicago at October's end.