Outstanding Service Broker book

While at TechEd, I purchased the first computer book I’ve actually had to shell out hard cash for in quite a while, The Rational Guide to SQL Server 2005 Service Broker by Roger Wolter. Congratulations, Roger, you’ve got a winner here! Weighing in at just under 250 pages, this book is an explanation of Service Broker from its raison d’etre to the most intricate details. The first chapter says it’s meant to compliment the info in the BOL, and the material fits right in while BOL leaves off.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Roger explain the Service Broker to me in person, quite a few times, but the book lays it all out as though you’d hung out with him for months. A great explanation of this extermely powerful but often misunderstood feature of SQL Server 2005. You might have to wait in line for this one, but it’s worth waiting for. I got mine autographed too.

Are there any superlatives I’ve left out? Well if so, fill ’em in yourself.

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