Recompiling the StreamInsight CTP3 samples for 1.0 – Part 1

This posting is a journey through StreamInsight 1.0 APIs, undertaking by porting the CTP3 samples.

The first look at the errors produced by recompiling the CTP3 examples is the realization that the IObservable model for coding adapters doesn't exist in the RTM version. This is quickly confirmed with a look at a StreamInsight forum thread; it may return in future. Meanwhile, use the reactive framework. So I removed the Observable and PatternDetector projects for the samples solution.

Concentrated on making the projects compile, first off. So, here's a list of the code that had to be changed for that purpose.

In ExplicitServer.cs

1. Server.Create() now requires an instance name. That's the instance you named when you installed the project. In my case, that's "default". Note that this doesn't mean you're using the service, you'd still need Server.Connect for that.

2. CreateQueryTemplate needs two extra arguments, template name and template description. Call them whatever you want and describe them as you'd like.

3. application.CreateQuery has the arguments in a different order (at least in the 3-arg version the samples use). It's now, 'name, description, and query binder instance. There's a few of these in other samples.

4. The Snapshot() method in LINQ queries is replaced by SnapshotWindow(SnapshotWinderOutputPolicy.Clip). Clip is the only policy supported, so there's no real choice here. There's a few uses the Snapshot() in the samples.

5. While we're on Windowing code in LINQ queries, the TumblingWindow constructor has one new required parameter (in UserAggregateQuery.cs), that's HoppingWindowOutputPolicy.ClipToWindowEnd. Again, ClipToWindowEnd is the only policy currently supported.

Now, although most of the adapters seem to build just fine, as is, there's a little problem with the SimulatedDataInputFactory for that set of providers. That's covered in the next blog entry.

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