Recompiling the StreamInsight CTP3 samples for 1.0 – Part 2

This posting is a journey through StreamInsight 1.0 APIs, undertaking by porting the CTP3 samples. Part 2.

So let's update the SimulatedDataInputFactory provider, now. The problem seems to be the replacement of the interface that allows you to configure the CTI frequency. Sure enough, ITypedDeclareAdvanceTimePolicy has been replaced by ITypedDeclareAdvanceTimeProperties.

In SimulatedDataInputFactory.cs

1. Change the interface declaration to the new name (above) ITypedDeclareAdvanceTimeProperties.

2. This interface has one method that now returns a AdapterAdvanceTimeSettings instead of an AdvanceTimeSetting. So change the code declaration at the end of the module to AdapterAdvanceTimeSettings. Now, to make an AdapterAdvanceTimeSettings….

3. Change the code in the DeclareAdvanceTimePolicy to the following:

return new AdapterAdvanceTimeSettings(
           new AdvanceTimeGenerationSettings(configInfo.CtiFrequency, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0)),

It's the same information we provided before, just refactored a bit. So far, so good. if you've made all the changes so far, including the multiple Snapshot() -> SnapshotWindow(…) instances. The code should compile. Let me know of there's any changes I've missed writing about; my code compiles at this point.

First, to test the ExplicitServer sample. It runs fine….OK! Now the ImplicitServer sample. That's a different story. Although it compiled, running it produces the following error on the Stream.ToQuery(…) statement.

System.InvalidOperationException: The query application must be specified explicitly because none of query inputs are bound to queries. Use an overload that explicitly provides the target application for the query.

That's the subject for the next blog post…

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