Speaking at Portland (Oregon) SQL Server Users Group on Thursday

After a fairly quiet first half of the summer, I've done quite a bit of traveling lately. But, as Joe Celko or someone once said, "There's no place like home". This week I'm at home, and pleased to be presenting at the Portland SQL Server User Group meeting on Thursday.

The topic is one of my favorites, and certain to cause controversy (but hopefully no fistfights or yelling arguments): that is, "Entity Framework/LINQ2SQL vs Stored Procedures". I'll present both sides of this topic, but strictly from a point of view of SQL Server performance, no object-model purity arguments, and no "should I use TPT or TPH design". There should be something for application programmers, database programmers, and DBAs alike.

Also (this isn't mentioned yet if you follow the link to the particulars), I've got a few MSDN subscriptions to give away. Hope to see you there…

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