SQL Intersection in April, I’ll be there!

In mid-April, April 13-16 to be exact, the spring installment of SQL Intersection comes to Orlando. I’ll actually be there a little earlier and leave a little later than that. This conference has a whole lineup of speakers that like to add a little depth to how you’re used to thinking about your databases. There’s just too many excellent speakers to list them all, you’ll need to peruse this for yourself.

On Saturday before the conference, I’m doing a full day of SQL Server 2014 material. This includes some in-depth material on the new storage engine/execution engine/multi-version concurrency engine that was previously known at Hekaton. But it’s not just about Hekaton, I’ll cover everything database-related that’s in the new release, like the new columnstore and new cardinality estimation enhancements.

During the conference I’ll compare and contrast Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD) and SQL Server in an Azure VM, for those of you investigating going “to the cloud” and trying to decide on the proper vehicle. Also I’ll have a session on that age-old debate about an ORM-based vs. a stored procedure-based application. And a look at what Microsoft’s contributing to Hadoop, and their Azure-based implementation.

After the conference, I’ll have a WHOLE DAY to tell you all about WASD for folks who want to learn about that in more depth. It’s called “Windows Azure SQL Database from A-Z”.

Sounds like a fun week. If you’re at the conference, don’t forget to stop by and say hi.

Cheers, Bob


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