SQL Server 200x wish list – part 3, Service Broker

This one is about SQL Server Service Broker. It's not necessarily a cool or sexy feature, but may be the most revolutionary feature in there. The problem with Service Broker is that most people don't get it. They think YAQS (yet another queuing system). It's more than that. It's already used for 3 features inside the server (query notifications, event notifications, and mailer), there could easily be more. A SQL Agent replacement comes to mind. But I digress, this is supposed to be a wish list. If you still don't get it, think harder. Or come talk to me. Or listen. Here's wishes.

SSMS support. Currently only does display functionality. A "route, security, and message testing" piece and configuration would be nice too.

Monolog support. So I won't have to keep explaining why it's "BEGIN DIALOG" but "END CONVERSATION".

Broker support on SQL Server Mobile. For obvious reasons. It could be a discreet subset.

Object model that works for internal activation, external activation, and clients. There's a nice one in engine samples; it should be officially supported. It would be cool if it was design type similar to JMS. Plus extensions.

Supported auto-deployment. For each side of a service. Again, its been done, but not officially supported.

Same (official support) for external activator.

WCF channel. For transactional messages, broker doesn't use DTC. Makes it faster. Faster still when messaging combined with database operations.

HTTP channel. Although that can be built by third parties too.

WCF and WWF assemblies should be able to be marked as "SQL Server safe". Or they'll have to run in the external activator.

Hmmm…many/most of these contained the word "support" somewhere.

More wishes to come.

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