SQL Server Denali Fulltext Properties – Where?

When I originally wrote the SQL Server Denali full-text search on properties cheap demo, I used property sets with properties (GUIDs) that I got from the SQL Server BOL example (although the example itself didn't work). As it says in BOL, CREATE SEARCH PROPERTY LIST creates an empty property list. Which got me to wondering, where do the property GUIDs for these properties come from? There must be a canonical list somewhere.

And indeed, there is. There's a list in the documentation for "Windows Properties" located on the web here. And there's a LOTS of 'em on which to search. After going back and forth from that web page a few hundred times, I thought that there must be a file that contains them in an easy-to-parse format. Well, there's one of those too; propkey.h from platform SDK. Nice.

But…having the properties/property sets is not enough. You need to have an IFilter that parses out these individual properties as well. Although I've found some third party IFilters on the web that deal with some (few) properties, I'm still looking for one that parses all the EXIF properties out of a JPG file from GPS-enabled cameras. If you find one of those, please let me know.

Happy property searching…


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